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What are Microsoft Cloud Certifications?

Microsoft Cloud Certification are worldwide recognized certifications that show you have knowledge of different areas of Microsoft Cloud. As any other certifications, you shouldn’t be taking them to learn or study new areas, you should learn those areas first and then certify your knowledge in them because just having bunch of certifications but having zero real-world experience won’t provide much value to your career or job seeking efforts.

Why should you get Microsoft Cloud Certifications?

  • You will have an advantage over other job seekers who don’t have them
  • Helps go through the HR filter and makes you more attractive to recruiters/hiring managers
  • Microsoft Partner companies receive benefits from Microsoft by employing certified professionals Microsoft Partner Companies
  • Bigger scale projects or government contracts often require employees to be certified in the products provided

How to get started?

First you need to choose which area(s) of Microsoft Cloud you are interested in.

The options are:

  • Microsoft Azure - Azure is a cloud computing platform where you rent computer power from Microsoft datacenters
  • Microsoft 365 - M365 is a modern workplace ecosystem which includes identities, collaboration, email services and device management
  • Microsoft Security, Compliance and Identity - Microsoft Cloud Security, Compliance and Identity is a set of tools which protect and govern the whole Microsoft Cloud
  • Power Platform - Power Platform is a line of business intelligence, app development, and app connectivity software applications. Microsoft developed the Power Fx low-code programming language for expressing logic across the Power Platform.
  • Dynamics 365 - D365 is a product line of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) intelligent business applications

If you aren’t able to choose at this point, don’t worry. Microsoft offers introductory exams into each area which gives you a good idea what the areas are about.


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